Thank you so much Luke 9:2 for another amazing Medical Mission Trip! As always, so organized and always caring for us.
Yes, this Third Trip was the charm! It was easy from the beginning, with Dr. Ponce's help in customs was awesome and I know that took some talking and probably money, I appreciate how easy that was to pass all the crates through customs without any issues.
Pastor Nelson and Mami Letsbi took such good care for us as always. Love the food and the attentiveness to all our needs, fixing bulbs, etc.
It was a nice idea to partner us with "Buddies" and Mary Kay and I became sisters and friends I'm sure for a lifetime!
God spoke at every clinic, letting people through the Pastors or Dr. Ponce sharing the gospel at each clinic, that just made the trip so much better! Seeing people come to Christ and the Pastors of the Churches we went to were able to reach out to more people in the community through our Clinics. Going to Dr. Elias' Church in the city was such a good idea. What a great location! Praise the Lord!
We saw more colds and skin fungus than I have ever seen. We might need to double up on meds for asthma and skin issues.
Pray that Dimas is able to come again, I know the dates can't be moved but pray his job will allow him to come.
Being your interpreter is a blessing and I know we need more, it's my prayer!

Love you all, to God be the Glory for another memorable trip!

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