YES!! This is Where God really wanted to go!!!!

It was more than I expected! One of my most touching experiences and how God used them to convince me that my relationship with him is far more important and the HIS Grace is enough! I translated for the Glasses Team the first day and the Doctors the rest of the week. My Highlights of the trip were: 1. People needed glasses to read their Bibles, some had some at home and didn't work any more, some didn't have any at all, some were using someone else's and others used their grand kids to read the Bible to them but in general they needed them to read their Bible!! With cataracts or not, with or with out teeth, they were smiling at the end of just a few minutes because they can FINALLY READ THEIR BIBLES! I have a good pair of eyes and healthy and do need my reading glasses and have my bible on my phone...God I fail you so many times! 2. The girl that got raped just in September and how guilty her mom and family made her feel, how she was able to finally talk to someone and have prayer with a doctor and me!!! How are we on judging others instead of loving each each other! I still pray for Darling and her mom and family, every day! May the Lord keep her safe from the lies of the enemy! 3. When Doctor Marie could not offer anything but Tylenol to a beautiful old man, she noticed how he didn't have a cane and could not use a walker due to the rocky road, she made sure he would get one that week!! We take what we have to bless others even if it means for a little while, until God calls us home. 4. To watch Donna create new "boots" for a little girl so that her knees would straighten and the little girl's smile!!!!! Oh how I saw God smile too!!
I loved translating! Translating is hard but mostly because I have to show empathy and love (without crying!) besides, making sure the doctor gets the correct information, and the patient as well. I asked around what was the meaning for some of the slang and also for some food and "over the counter" medications they could use as part of what Doctor Marie would tell them to do. Some was "A+D ointment, we found out they have "Desitin" and it is pronounced and spelled the same. Yogurt was a main part of the diet prescribed by Marie and local vegetables and fruits, was part of the educational conversations she had with them.
My favorite was to translate for my husband as he was asked to preach! It has been a long time since we did that, and God has opened my eyes of how God can use these broken vessels. Dimas did tell me he might switch to English and my response was "Why??? Can't you just speak Spanish the whole time??" LOL! He sure did, at one point I didn't realize I was speaking Spanish instead of translating it, it was funny! God spoke to us that night, we praised in 2 languages and we were overcome by God's presence. The food was amazing by la Pastora and her team! Henry the bus driver was so sweet and knows exactly what he's doing. The whole team became family, my family! Thank you again, Luke 9:2 for allowing us to come! Looking forward for next time!!

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